Stefan Schneider has spent his entire life in the building industry, as the son of a Swiss Master Timber Framer running a small business; he grew up learning and loving timber framing.

In 2002, after completed his degree in Timber Engineering with a specialization in construction, Stefan moved to North America where he led integration of CAD/CAM technologies into many companies in the timber industry.  He was involved in projects for timber frame, modular home, glulam, Mass Timber, SIP panel, and prefab companies all over the world – including Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

In 2003 Stefan assisted CADWORK, the leading Swiss software company developing CAD/CAM systems for the value-added wood industry, to become established in North America.  The following year he started a Cadwork franchise in Vancouver and became responsible for the West Coast region of North America.

After many years working in the industry on two continents, he recognized the opportunity to integrate craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies at scale.  This led to the formation of CUTMYTIMBER in 2010, a Canadian, knowledge-based company connecting and assisting CNC machine owners with traditional building companies and craftsmen. In 2011 he purchased his own Hundegger machine and in 2012 he founded CutMyTimber USA Inc. Four years later a 5-axis Krusimatic G1 machine was added. This is currently the only Krusi CNC beam processor in the USA.

Stefan’s hunger for innovation combined with his European background helped him to become involved in many pilot projects in North America. For example, CutMyTimber planned and supplied the first PASSIVE HOUSE in Vancouver BC, as well as a glulam package for one of the FIRST CLT/MASS TIMBER MULTI-STORY BUILDINGS IN OREGON, ALBINA YARD, designed by Lever Architecture.  CutMyTimber was also a leading force in the fIRST CLT PASSIVE HOUSE, built in West Vancouver.

Additionally he teaches and speaks as guest lecturer at universities and colleges such as Oregon State University, University of BC, College of the Rockies and others.

Mass Timber March Madness Online

March 1, 2021 - March 27, 2021
March Mass Timber Online Summit